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St Kilda Pier and Breakwater during sunset nearby Mercure Welcome hotel

St Kilda Pier & Breakwater


St Kilda Pier and Breakwater is situated in the Sea Country of the Bunurong People, forming a part of their traditional Aboriginal cultural landscape. We respect the deep and enduring relationship that the Bunurong Traditional Owners have with these lands and waters and acknowledge their ongoing role in preserving Country.


St Kilda Pier and Breakwater offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline and Port Phillip, making it a popular destination for a leisurely stroll or fishing. While on the pier, visitors can indulge in delicious snacks from the heritage kiosk or watch out for penguins and rakali (native water rats) from the breakwater.


Built in the mid-1800s, St Kilda Pier has a rich history as an early working jetty, and the breakwater was later constructed for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics as a safe harbor for sailing events. The iconic start tower at the end of the Breakwater is still in use to this day.


The St Kilda Ferry departs from the lower landing near the start of the pier, connecting to Gem Pier in Williamstown and Station Pier in Port Melbourne. It's a popular way to explore Melbourne's coastline, but booking in advance is recommended. Check the ferry timetable here.


As piers and jetties are natural environments, it's important to be aware of potential hazards. Please follow our water safety advice to ensure your day at St Kilda Pier and Breakwater is a safe and enjoyable experience. Jumping and diving off the pier and other structures is not allowed for public safety reasons, as there may be shallow areas and unexpected submerged objects.


Jacka Boulevard 3182 St Kilda Australia

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