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Royal Botanic Gardens, South Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens


Experience the beauty of nature at the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of Melbourne's oldest and most iconic attractions. Established in 1846, the gardens are spread over 38 hectares and boast a diverse collection of plants from around the world, including rare and endangered species.


A must-see attraction within the gardens is the new Arid Garden, which features over 3,000 cacti and succulents. These fascinating plants showcase a range of colours, flowers, and shapes, and kids can learn about their importance in a warming climate through interactive activities embedded into the footpaths.


The Children's Garden is another popular attraction, designed as an educational environment for children of all ages and abilities to learn about the natural world as they play and explore. Over 150,000 young visitors each year come to enjoy the garden.


The gardens also feature other highlights, including Guilfoyle's Volcano, the Melbourne Observatory, the Tropical Glasshouse, and the Plant Craft Cottage. Take a stroll around the numerous lakes, islands, and sculptures that dot the site and marvel at the beauty of nature.


The Royal Botanic Gardens are open daily until sunset, providing ample opportunity to explore and relax within this serene and natural oasis in the heart of Melbourne.


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