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NGV: Pharaoh

pharaoh Egyptian coffin blue


Pharaoh is a remarkable exhibition opening on 14th June at The National Gallery Victoria, just 10 minutes away, running until 6th October. It explores three thousand years of ancient Egyptian art and culture, displaying over 500 artefacts. Visitors will find monumental sculptures, architectural pieces, temple statues, intricate jewellery, papyri, coffins, and a diverse collection of funerary items. This exhibition sheds light on the concept of the pharaoh, those powerful rulers who claimed divine ancestry.

Organised into seven thematic sections, the exhibition delves into the various roles of the pharaohs. It highlights their responsibilities as high priests in temples, heads of the nation's administration, military commanders, and leaders of the royal family. Each section offers a detailed look at the pharaohs' duties and their importance in ancient Egyptian society.

The exhibition illustrates how pharaohs portrayed themselves through different media, from detailed imagery on rings, bracelets, and personal treasures to statues and colossal monuments. These artefacts depict the pharaohs as invincible warriors and devout worshippers of the gods, emphasising their unique role as intermediaries between the divine and humanity. This idealised image highlights their dual role as both secular and spiritual leaders, bridging the gap between mortals and the divine.

Pharaoh provides an in-depth exploration of ancient Egypt's dynastic history and the lasting legacy of its rulers. Through its extensive collection of artefacts and thematic organisation, the exhibition offers a unique insight into the lives and roles of the pharaohs, celebrating their contributions to one of history's most fascinating civilisations.

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