February 25, 2016

Australian Open Wrap-Up

With the arrival of the new year follows a major highlight featured on the Melbourne sporting calendar, the Australian Open Grand Slam. Over the two-week tournament, the Swanston Hotel had prime position watching some of tennis’s biggest stars in action at Rod Laver Arena, from reigning champion Serena Williams to men’s world number 1, Novak Djokovic.


For the duration of the week, spectators and players were blessed with comfortable temperatures averaging in the mid twenties, which is a far cry from the usual blistering heat that always seems to generate at that time of year.   

With seating situated behind the base line, we perfectly positioned to soak up all the atmosphere that is created within a major international sporting event. From the sounds of thunderbolt aces, to the sights of face painted passionate fans waving their national flags, it really is a unique experience sitting amongst the crowd with a couple of friends, watching the yellow ball flying back and forth across the blue surface.


One of the most beneficial elements you experience while attending a live match is the appreciation you gain from the athleticism on display from the competitors. TV doesn’t do them justice on just how physically and mentally strong these supreme athletes are. All this while sitting in the stands, chowing down on a hamburger with the lot!


After a session in Rod Laver Arena, the usual unwinding process would consist with stretching the legs on the lush grass with a cold beverage inside the Heineken Beer Garden. The live performances from some of talented Australian musicians entertained the crowds of who were enjoying the late afternoon sun, finishing off another fantastic day.


As a final thought, it is amazing to see first hand how much the Australian Open has grown over the years. To think that Melbourne is home to one of the 4 tennis grand slams shared between renowned cities of Paris, London and New York can only be another feather in the cap for this great city. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us during the Australian Open Season. 


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