May 18, 2017

Fiona Hall's "Uneasy Seasons" exhibition for kids and teens at the NGV

Contemplate our natural world this winter with Fiona Hall’s “Uneasy Seasons” new exhibition. Specially designed for teenagers and young children, this interactive exhibition invites them to consider the significance of the environment as well as the changing seasons, in a large-scale section. 

Showcasing two distinct environments; a light and airy sun-drenched treehouse for children, nestled amongst warm hued wallpaper symbolizing the new beginning and a darkened treehouse surrounded by hand painted skeletons on the wallpaper for teens reflecting a wintery atmosphere, the free exhibition aims to get children and teens to participate in art making activities expressing their thoughts, emotion and feelings. The children will engage with the natural world, whereas teenagers, will expand their imagination, by creating collages or creatures and Emoji symbols responding to an environmental, social or political statement they want to make about the future. 

Whilst the children are invited to display their artwork and populate the treehouse with an array of colourful and imaginative creatures, the teens are encouraged to decorate the treehouse roof with their hand-crafted emoji sending their messages to other visitors. 

It is a first for NGV and Australian artist Fiona Hall to create such exhibition dedicated for teenagers, engaging the hearts and minds of the young visitors through this inviting installation. 

When: 13 Apr- 8 Oct 2017, 10am-5pm daily 



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